About us


SmithStreet is a boutique strategic consulting firm based in Shanghai. We have over a decade’s experience of successfully working with Fortune 500 companies on their China market entry/implementation and growth strategies. Our expertise lies in bridging the Chinese information gap and deep understanding of the local consumer and marketplace. Research focused with an emphasis on primary data, we provide highly customized and comprehensive insights that lead to high impact solutions.


The founders of SmithStreet lived on Smith Street in Brooklyn, New York where they first embarked on their entrepreneurial journey. In 2007 they established the firm that has grown into the leading boutique strategy consulting firm in China. The opportunities in the China market are in plain sight, but we are still early in its development curve. Companies need to develop, implement, and adjust their corporate strategy to meet the biggest market opportunity we will see in our careers.


In order to serve our client’s corporate strategy, we believe in an innovative, unique philosophy that is tailored to address the challenges of the China market. Our mission is to change the way China does business through the better practice of the Art and Science of Consulting. This is how we are getting there:

Working from Reality

We use our on-the-ground expertise to uncover market truths for each client; we then communicate them with context in order to execute strategies that will have real impact. Clients need insights that are relevant and detailed.

  • We don’t trust secondary information in China – it is unreliable
  • We don’t have other agencies do work we should do – we capture every detail ourselves

Innovating with China

China evolves so quickly that ideas have a limited shelf life; we maintain our edge by constantly seeking new ways to solve new problems.

Staying Humble

As we grow, so do our opportunities, but it is our humility that ensures we are focused on getting better, faster.

Developing the Market

The Chinese customer (be it another business, government, or an individual consumer) is better served by more market options

  • We help our multinational clients better compete for customer choice