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Practical Insight

Market insight and problem solving should be actionable.

  • We push our clients to do work that results in implementation
  • A 200-page report doesn’t serve anyone’s interest

Destroying the Talent Myth

China’s intellectual labor market is inefficient; we discover the people that will best serve our clients by knowing that creative business leaders do not fit a certain mold. Consulting skills aren’t a “sacred fire” that only a few elite people can practice; it is a craft that we can deliberately share with ambitious and creative people

  • Our consultants have limitless abilities and are motivated by the opportunities they have at SmithStreet
  • Developing business talent is our contribution to the development of China


China’s market is vast, rapidly changing and largely not understood by MNCs outside China. Foreign companies look to China and see opportunity in its economic growth and 1.3 billion consumers, but in order to succeed they first need to understand the Chinese consumer and business landscape.

SmithStreet understands that simply transplanting what worked in other countries won’t necessarily be successful in China and was founded on the ambition to build from scratch a company tailored for success in the China market at every step. This is an ethos we still follow today, implementing a bottom-up approach to meeting our clients’ needs, ensuring we can provide a deep understanding of the China market at every level. Our clients, including Fortune 500 and Global 2000 companies, appreciate our wealth of China-focused experience and insight.

China Growth

China is not monolithic and more closely resembles a mountain range, than a discrete mountain. Add to that the rapid pace of social, economic, political and cultural change, and you will have a terrible mess on your hands thinking of China as a whole. Doing well in one province doesn’t necessarily guarantee success in another. SmithStreet can identify and define new markets, consumers and product opportunities that drive top-line growth. Which of your products are right for the market and how do they need to be localized? What new markets, demographics, or regions are ripe for expansion?

China Entry Strategies

You will need a China roadmap once you decide to enter this market. It’s not just when and where you start your business, but what legal and regulatory obstacles need to be considered and if a partner (and who!) is really the best long-term strategy. SmithStreet helps our clients understand the best opportunities and how to get there, without stepping on the mines hidden along the way. Asking, “how should we enter China?” is like asking, “what clothes should I wear today?” There are a lot of answers, but not all are right for each situation.