Consulting Analyst

Job Description:

  • Understand the nature of the client’s needs in context and lead the research team in structuring the problem, business modeling, and formulating the appropriate business solution
  • Be responsible for project planning, monitoring of effort and timelines, and building industry knowledge within the research team
  • Manage the team to conduct in-depth interviews with various respondents, key opinion leaders, and high level personnel across a variety of industries
  • Construct and develop effective client presentations and deliverables in PowerPoint and Excel



  • Bachelor’s degree or above
  • Working experience in research or consulting firm will be a plus
  • Excellent command of English (both spoken and written)
  • Independent and strong logical thinking, creative, analytical skill and detail-oriented
  • Strong communication skills, hardworking, willing to learn, flexible and a good team player



If you would like to apply for this position or find out more, please email using the heading “Analyst”.