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Localization & Partnership Strategy

E-commerce & Digital Strategy

Our Methodology and Analytic Tools

Leveraging customized market research, we connect unique combinations of analytical tools to build our strategic plans

Primary Research
  • Tailored, targeted interviews and surveys 
  • Site visits 
  • Focus Groups
Secondary Research
  • Proprietary technology data gathering tools 
  • Network of industry specific experts and organizations’ platforms 
  • Government Databases 
  • Industry associations, reports and studies

Market Sizing

Industry and region-specific growth drivers, adoption rates of impactful factors per industry and region (e.g. policy, technology penetration, etc)

Brand Positioning

Local perception of brand and CBA matrix of brand tier positioning x pricing analysis

Organizational Structure Optimization

Team structures, resource allocation, and process flow across multi-functional and regional organizations

Competitive Analysis

Analyze penetration rate, business model, sales growth strategy, pricing, organization structure, SWOT


Business case and/or plan for localizing products (China) from a regulatory, customer, and financial perspective

Supply Chain Assessment

Optimization of sourcing, manufacturing/production, and logistics global operations


Policy Analysis

Identify policy impact by city, province, region, and/or national level and/or industry sectors to determine levers or risk assessment in market entry and growth potential

Consumer Research

Determine consumer target segments and personas by demographic, lifestyle trends and customer behavior, purchasing journey

Pricing Analysis

Price elasticity and sensitivity by sector per region, benchmark foreign and domestic peers’ pricing strategy, geographic price parity stress test 

Commercial Due Diligence

Model targets’ business models, revenue and EBIT, market share, customer base, operationsCAGR and acquisition/merger ROI


Marketing Evaluation

Determine right mix of assets per medium/platform, timelines, KPIs efficacy and ROI.  A/B testing of campaign concepts to target demographic (see consumer research)

Local Partner Search

Optimal business structure identification and local partner search (JV, licensing, manufacturing and/or distribution/marketing)

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