Mapping Out Strategic Market Entry Plan for Listed US-based Tech Company

The client is a listed technology company in the U.S. and planned to enter the China market. Before entering, the client needed to understand the publisher environment in China, the competitive landscape and the “low-hanging fruit.”

What We Did

We delivered a strategic plan that:

  1. Addressed data location management
  2. Determined entry phases
  3. Evaluated the client’s competitiveness in the China market
  4. Mapped out go-to-market strategy

Our Insight

Understood corporations’ needs regarding location data management

  • What is the awareness for location data management among businesses in China, including MNC, state-owned enterprises etc?
  • What are businesses doing around location data management currently?
  • Which type of businesses should be targeted first?

Determined the phases in which the client should reach out to the publishers

  • What are the MAUs of each of the major overall publishers and vertical publishers?
  • Who are the publishers that should be approached as priority?

Evaluated the client’s competitiveness in the China market

  • What are the big groups (BAT) doing around location data management?
  • Are there direct or indirect competitors to the client?

Mapped out the go-to-market strategy for the client

  • What is the “Low Hanging Fruit” area for the client to enter that requires the easiest implementation but with highest impact?
  • What are the most suitable products/services for different groups of businesses

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