MNC Healthcare Company 5-Year China Strategy Planning

Our client, a medical device manufacturer, is the market leader in pathology products. Looking to maintain their position, they engaged SmithStreet to assess the five-year market outlook and devise their business strategies.

What We Did

SmithStreet synthesized comprehensive primary and secondary research into strategies that will keep the client ahead of the competition.

We delivered a roadmap that:

  1. Prioritized market segments per product
  2. Addressed organic and inorganic growth factors
  3. Proposed sales strategies per product
  4. Advised new product development based on market opportunities

Our Insight

Cancer diagnosis drives the need for sophisticated testing techniques. The true growth multiplier will stem from new product development as the government puts in place policies that address the need for reliable testing in remote areas.

Lack of doctors and pathologists will drive the development of sophisticated software that will provide accurate first readings of cell samples.  This requires sharper imaging for accurate, automated computer readings, creating an opportunity to leapfrog current global trends in the sector.

Within 5 years, M&A activity with a local software company was recommended to address China specific needs that no other MNC is providing globally.

Our Process


Policy Analysis

National and Provincial

Competitive Analysis

MNC and domestic competitors’ SWOT

    Market Size

    Labs, public & private hospitals by tier

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